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Updated May 18, 2022

Wellborn Ecology School-based Project Grants

This grant will help your K-12 school or early childhood education center launch (or continue) place-based ecology education programs/projects during the upcoming school year.

Who can apply? Grants are open to K-12 schools, early childhood education centers and local environmental organizations providing school-based programming. See the NHCF website for further eligibility criteria.

What types of things can be funded? See instructions:

Grant Award: Up to $5,000 On a case-by-case basis, larger amounts may be considered. If you are contemplating a project proposal for an amount greater than $5,000, a pre-application consultation is required.

Eligible Applicants: See above.

Deadline to Apply: Monday, June 27, 2022, 5:00pm Eastern time

Educator Mini-Grants from the Lake Champlain Basin Program 

These mini- grants provide educators with funds to buy materials for their classroom that will aid in teaching students about Lake Champlain Watershed issues. The LCBP wants to help you build “your classroom toolkit” for teaching about watersheds. Materials requested can be for indoor or outdoor work, and should last for more than one academic year.

Qualifying recipients:

  • Educators working within the Lake Champlain Basin may apply for Educator Mini-Grants on behalf of their school provided they meet the following criteria:
  • Educators must have been a past participant in either the CBEI Watershed for Every Classroom Course (11-day course) OR have submitted student entries in CBEI World Water Day events OR be teaching about the Lake Champlain watershed 2022.
  • Only one grant will be awarded per school. The school must be located within the Champlain Watershed.

How the funds can be used:

  • Funds can be used to purchase products which enhance student learning about watersheds and water quality in the Lake Champlain basin, including the streams and rivers that flow to the Lake, or to strengthen the educational materials in the classroom that will help students learn about watershed issues.
  • Examples include, but are not limited to: resource guides for field work, boots and waders for stream work, bug collection nets, field lenses, macroinvertebrate tray sorters, binoculars, microscopes, or classroom posters relevant to water quality work
  • Please note: These funds cannot be used for food, transportation, or entrance fees.

Grant Award: Educators may be awarded a grant of up to $1,000. Applicants may apply for less than $1,000, but one application is permitted per school in this grant opportunity.

Eligible Applicants:  See above. 

Deadline to Apply: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through December 30, 2022, although available funds likely will be disbursed quickly; apply sooner rather than later. Awards will be announced shortly after applications, ideally within 10 business days.

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Watershed Association Professional Development Mini-Grants from Lake Champlain Basin Program

These mini-grants provide professional development funds for the staff and volunteers of qualified watershed organizations in the Lake Champlain Basin, to cover expenses such as travel, meals, registration and accommodations at meetings, conferences, workshops and other venues designed to enhance the organizations’ capacity to operate. Qualifying Organizations: Watershed types of organization within the Lake Champlain Basin may apply for Watershed Association Professional Development Mini-grants. Up to $500/year is available per organization subject to availability of funds. Please read the instructions for more details about qualifying: 

Grant Award: Professional development funds may be awarded, up to $500 annually, per organization, subject to availability of funds.

Eligible Applicants: Watershed types of organization within the Lake Champlain Basin may apply for Watershed Association Professional Development Miniā€grants provided they meet the criteria outlined in the application instructions.

Deadline to Apply: Applications deadlines are the last day of each month. Awards will be announced shortly  thereafter.  We encourage organizations to submit their requests a month in advance.

For more information (bottom of page)

Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants from the Vermont Community Fund

In response to the gap in the resources needed to strengthen organizations, particularly those with operating budgets of $500,000 or less, the Vermont Community Foundation has created a small fund to help. The application is designed to be easy to complete and notification is within 6-8 weeks. We welcome applications to support your organization’s planning needs around achieving your mission, through strategic planning, merger conversations, or similar efforts.

Grants will be no more than $5,000 each and will support the cost of consultants for the activities below. These grants are meant to supplement other funding, as we understand that this amount is typically not enough to cover the full cost of providing these services. In the project budget, please show the additional revenue sources to be used for this work, both pending and secured. We welcome the use of these funds as challenge grants to secure the additional funds.

Grant Award: up to $5,000

Eligible Applicants:  Grant applications will be accepted from organizations and municipalities that are located in or serve the people of Vermont and address the above purpose. Previous recipients are not prioritized but are encouraged to call to discuss new work.  All applicants to programs at the Vermont Community Foundation must meet these guidelines

Deadline to Apply: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Decisions will be made within two months of receiving the application. Grant funds cannot cover activities that have already taken place; please keep the notification timeline in mind as you prepare your application.

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