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Upcoming webinars & events

    • 9 Jun 2023
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • The Grafton Brick Meeting House 2 Main Street, Grafton, VT 05146

    In the midst of this unprecedented time, people are in need of daily practices to cope and to maintain their well-being. What would it look like if we used our interest in birds to reduce stress and anxiety and return to our senses in an effort to practice wellness? Join Bird Diva, Bridget Butler, for a presentation and discussion exploring how birding can boost our well-being and stave off stress and anxiety.

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    • 10 Jun 2023
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • North Branch Nature Center

    Celebrate birds, bugs, plants, pollinators, and all the other creatures that call Vermont “home” in this summer nature festival. North Branch Nature Center and the Vermont Center for Ecostudies are co-presenting this day full of field outings, nature exhibits, kids activities, live songbirds and raptors, music, food, art, and more! Explore the woods and meadows, and bring your discoveries to our naturalist-staffed laboratory tent equipped with microscopes, guides, and specimens. Full schedule coming soon!

    Learn how to get involved in community science research, and find out what you can do to protect biodiversity in your own backyard or community.

    Keynote: Doug Tallamy, Author of Nature’s Best Hope
    4:30 – 5:30 pm presentation, followed by 5:30 – 6:30 happy hour
    **Tickets Required for keynote event – Get Tickets Here**

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    • 17 Jul 2023
    • 9:00 AM
    • 21 Jul 2023
    • 3:00 PM

    This program will integrate digital photography into nature exploration and discovery, through a collaboration between In-Sight Photography and BEEC. We will use the camera as a lens to investigate the natural world around us. Explorations will take place at unique natural areas around Brattleboro, including woodland, aquatic and mountain adventures. No prior camera experience needed.

    9am – 3pm, for Ages 12- 15

    *Drop off and pick up location will vary by the day (potentially at BEEC on Monday and at In-Sight Photography on Tuesday through Friday).

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    • 7 Aug 2023
    • 11 Aug 2023
    • World Fellowship Center - Albany, NH

    The 2023 VEEP/NHEEP Summer Institute encourages teachers to use play, wonder, and hope as catalysts for inspiring students to make change, and to find joy in taking action. We will model empowering, interdisciplinary, student-driven instructional practices to connect students to energy and climate topics and to help them find meaningful and authentic ways to be part of evidence-based solutions in their communities.

    Participants will:

    • Identify curricular pathways and work on standards-aligned unit plans that lead from joyful, hopeful and/or wondrous phenomena/engineering challenges to meaningful energy or climate action
    • Experience hands-on, minds-on lessons from the student perspective, and engage in play each day.
    • Access opportunities for further collaboration with VEEP/NHEEP for student workshops, PD, curriculum development, action projects, and more.
    • Become part of our cohort of teachers dedicated both to serving students and moving towards sustainability in our communities, economy and environment


    • Early Bird Pricing - $900 for the whole week if you sign up by 5/1/2023!
    • $1000 after 5/1/2023 (includes bunkhouse accommodations and all meals)
    • $140 additional cost if you'd like to be in a private room (first come, first served).

    More information and registration.

Past webinars & events

20 May 2023 Woody Plants – Biodiversity University & Northern Forest Atlas
16 May 2023 VEEN Spring Membership Gathering
11 May 2023 Bird Walk at the Intervale
7 May 2023 Dairy Day at the Farm!
7 May 2023 Herricks Cove Wildlife Festival
29 Apr 2023 Ethical Foraging Workshop
29 Apr 2023 Guided Hike and Intro to iNaturalist With Ecologist Steven Lamonde of Moosewood Ecological Services
25 Apr 2023 Babes in the Woods
24 Apr 2023 NBNC April Break Camp 2023 (K-3rd grade)
22 Apr 2023 Shelburne Farms Seasonal Job Fair
22 Apr 2023 Earth Day Tree Planting at NBNC
16 Apr 2023 Leaping Lambs and Fluffy Fleece
16 Apr 2023 Sheep & Shear Delights
16 Apr 2023 Amphibians of Vernal Pools – Biodiversity University
15 Apr 2023 First Blooms Bird Monitoring Walk
12 Apr 2023 City of Burlington Job & Internship Fair
8 Apr 2023 Pride Hikes: Shelburne Farms
8 Apr 2023 Pride Hikes: Shelburne Farms
5 Apr 2023 Books for Growing Young Gardeners
4 Apr 2023 Establish Sustainable Culture at School
31 Mar 2023 Owl Prowl and Woodcock Watch with the Vermont Woodland Association
31 Mar 2023 ABCs of Farm-Based Education - Spring 2023
26 Mar 2023 Sugar on Snow Party
25 Mar 2023 Pride Hikes: Sugar on Snow at the Green Mountain Audubon Center
25 Mar 2023 Sugar On Snow Party
23 Mar 2023 Vermont Energy Education Program Webinar: Storytelling to Amplify Climate Action
22 Mar 2023 Amphibian Road Crossing Program – Ecology & Training Night
19 Mar 2023 Maple Meet-Up
14 Jan 2023 Pride Hikes: Hinesburg Town Forest
16 Sep 2022 NBNC Family Discovery Night Hike
9 Sep 2022 NBNC Family Discovery Night Hike
15 Aug 2022 Summer Institute 2022
8 Aug 2022 ECO Institute: Nature-Based Routines for Outdoor Classrooms
5 Aug 2022 Teen Conservation Weekend
30 Jul 2022 Summer Saturday River Walks (Family Friendly!)
25 Jul 2022 Vermont Biodiversity Educators Institute
25 Jul 2022 Foundations in Education for Sustainability 2022 (Summer Institute)
23 Jul 2022 Summer Saturday River Walks (Family Friendly!)
16 Jul 2022 Summer Saturday River Walks (Family Friendly!)
11 Jul 2022 Project Seasons for Young Learners: Cultivating Joy and Wonder 2022
9 Jul 2022 Summer Saturday River Walks (Family Friendly!)
5 Jul 2022 Immersion in Education for Sustainability 2022
28 Jun 2022 Introduction to Fly Fishing
18 Jun 2022 Pride Outside: A Hike for Queer Identifying Folks
16 Jun 2022 Sustainable Foraging Walk at the Intervale Center
16 Jun 2022 Garden Like A Farmer: Feeding Your Garden
12 Jun 2022 Audubon Pride Hikes: Butternut Hill Natural Area
11 Jun 2022 Bird-Friendly Maple Tour
10 Jun 2022 Mighty Acorns Club: Pond Exploration
7 Jun 2022 Equity and Trauma-Informed Education
7 Jun 2022 Robin’s Nest Nature Playgroup
31 May 2022 Robin’s Nest Nature Playgroup
31 May 2022 Relearning Place
27 May 2022 Spring SLOW Birding with Bridget Butler
27 May 2022 ECO Institute: Natural History Fundamentals for Educators
24 May 2022 Robin’s Nest Nature Playgroup
21 May 2022 Pride Hikes: Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC)
21 May 2022 Wabanaki Ethnobotany – Biodiversity University
17 May 2022 Robin’s Nest Nature Playgroup
12 May 2022 Audubon May Unschool: All About Birds
10 May 2022 Robin’s Nest Nature Playgroup
7 May 2022 Celebrate Urban Birds
7 May 2022 Green Up Day
6 May 2022 Spring Birding at North Branch Nature Center
3 May 2022 Robin’s Nest Nature Playgroup
30 Apr 2022 Tree Planting with NBNC
30 Apr 2022 Trees for the People: Environmental Justice for Rhode Island’s Frontline Communities
30 Apr 2022 Birding with the Green Mountain Audubon Society
28 Apr 2022 Bird and Bee Friendly Gardening
28 Apr 2022 2022 Spring Member Gathering
27 Apr 2022 Risk Assessment & Management in Environmental Education
27 Apr 2022 Celebrating Biodiversity Wins and Charting the Future for Threatened and Endangered Species
24 Apr 2022 Women Who Bird: April Arrivals
23 Apr 2022 Increasing Representation in the Natural World
22 Apr 2022 Conservation Kids with VEEP
19 Apr 2022 Save the Lake with Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels
19 Apr 2022 Supporting LGBTQ2S+ Students in EE
12 Apr 2022 Webinar: Teaching for Sustainability
10 Apr 2022 Farmer Mary Shears the Sheep!
5 Apr 2022 NAAEE's Higher Education Accreditation - A Chance to Ask YOUR Questions
4 Apr 2022 Climate Migration Speaker Series: Fish in the Street and Rivers of Concrete - Climate Migration in Miami-Dade
31 Mar 2022 Communications for Conservation Projects
27 Mar 2022 Sugar on Snow Parties at Audubon Vermont
26 Mar 2022 Sugar on Snow Parties at Audubon Vermont
25 Mar 2022 Growing Your Environmental Education Program by Expanding your Evaluation Toolkit
22 Mar 2022 World Water Day in the Lake Champlain Basin!
20 Mar 2022 Carve a Cedar Waxwing from Wood!
17 Mar 2022 Unschool: Bird-Friendly Maple Sugaring with Audubon Vermont
13 Mar 2022 Gender Creative Kids Outing: Maple Magic at Audubon
17 Feb 2022 Teach Climate Network Workshop: Students discovering Climate Solutions
25 Sep 2021 Fall Forest Bathing 2021
21 Aug 2021 Teen Conservation Weekend for Boys
14 Aug 2021 Teen Conservation Weekend for Girls
11 Aug 2021 Local Action, Global Impact: the Sustainable Development Goals in my Neighborhood - Online
28 Jul 2021 Summer Institute for Climate Change Education
19 Jul 2021 My Soda Bottle Ended Up Where? Exploring Plastic Problems and Solutions
17 Jul 2021 Summer Forest Bathing 2021
7 Jul 2021 How Does Your Dinner Grow? Exploring Connections Between Food Production and Sustainability
7 Jul 2021 Landscapes on the Move: Investigating Geologic Formations and Processes
21 Jun 2021 Seasons and Cycles: How Weather Affects Us and How We Affect the Weather
12 Jun 2021 Traces: Outdoor Workshop and Dance Performances Honoring Water
9 Jun 2021 Vermont Afterschool Equity & Racism Series: Organizational Climate and the ‘Hidden Curriculum’
7 Jun 2021 Maine Climate Education Summit
3 Jun 2021 Thinking Like a Bathtub: Educating with a Systems View of Climate Change Dynamics
19 May 2021 Seeing The Forest for the Trees... and the Water
6 May 2021 Free Range Rivers for Aquatic Wildlife
5 May 2021 Power2Summit
28 Apr 2021 Vermont Afterschool Equity & Racism Series: Examining Three Levels of Inequity & Disruption: Personal, Cultural & Systemic
23 Apr 2021 Female Birds & the Founding Mothers of Ornithology
22 Apr 2021 Dams, Recreation, and Citizen Science
21 Apr 2021 Pollinator Plants by Plant Community
21 Apr 2021 Teaching Climate Change in a Community That Does Not Want to Hear it
16 Apr 2021 Indigenous Women and Climate Change
15 Apr 2021 Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Healing, and the Path Forward
14 Apr 2021 Climate Communications 101
13 Apr 2021 Using Understanding Global Change to Make Earth System Connections about Local Phenomena: The Return of the River Otters
13 Apr 2021 Soil Foodweb and Regenerative Ag for Gardeners
12 Apr 2021 Safe, Happy, Healthy Outdoor Learning
8 Apr 2021 Best Natives For Meadow Gardens in VT
8 Apr 2021 A Collaborative Approach to Reconnecting Rivers and Restoring Ecosystems
8 Apr 2021 School Garden Idea Swap
8 Apr 2021 Local Solutions to Climate Crises
8 Apr 2021 Coyotes, and Foxes, and Fishers — Oh My! Wildlife in the City of Burlington
7 Apr 2021 Global Citizenship: Engage Conference
7 Apr 2021 Maine Environmental Education Assocation Annual Conference
31 Mar 2021 Amphibian Ecology and Road Rescue Training
31 Mar 2021 BIPOC and the Outdoors
31 Mar 2021 Creating Co-Habitat Gardens
31 Mar 2021 Brook Trout Grow on Trees
30 Mar 2021 Climate Change Education Engagement Series
27 Mar 2021 Learning and the Brain in the “New Normal” Classroom
25 Mar 2021 Traditional Abenaki Sugaring and Stories
25 Mar 2021 Removing Obsolete Dams in the Champlain Valley
24 Mar 2021 Designing An Outdoor Classroom
24 Mar 2021 Schools As Connectors of People and Place
23 Mar 2021 Traditional Abenaki Sugaring and Stories
23 Mar 2021 Workshop: Personal Connection and Storytelling
18 Mar 2021 From Restorative Justice to Transformative Justice: Foundations of Restorative Justice
18 Mar 2021 Indigenous Science is Activism
15 Mar 2021 Virtual Joint Conference of Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources & Connecticut Outdoor & Environmental Education Association
11 Mar 2021 What Animal Is It? Virtual Wildlife Tracking Tour
10 Mar 2021 Vermont Afterschool Equity & Racism Series: Racism and the Implications for All of Us
10 Mar 2021 Massachusetts Environmental Education Society (MEES)
10 Mar 2021 Massachusetts Environmental Education Society Virtual Conference
9 Mar 2021 The UC Berkeley Understanding Glocal Change Project and CLEAN
4 Mar 2021 Teaching Climate Consequences with CLEAN: Motivate & Insprire, Don't Despair
4 Mar 2021 Virtual Program Sampler
4 Mar 2021 Indigenous Ways of Knowing
2 Mar 2021 Pursuing Racial Equity: Be the Change We Want to See
27 Feb 2021 RIEEA Annual Summit: Culturally Relevant Environmental Education
25 Feb 2021 An Ecological Civilization: The Path We're On
25 Feb 2021 Growing A Cultural Lens in School Gardens
24 Feb 2021 It's Us: Humas As Agents of Change Within Earth's Climate System
24 Feb 2021 De-colonizing Place-Based Education
23 Feb 2021 Centering BIPOC Student Voices & Experiences in Your Equity Work
23 Feb 2021 Taking Nature Black
22 Feb 2021 Bark, Buds & Branches: Learn to Identify Trees in Winter
18 Feb 2021 Opportunities, Barriers, Strategies towards Inclusion
17 Feb 2021 Empowering Youth Voices on Climate Change Policy
17 Feb 2021 How to Talk About Climate Change & Justice in New England
16 Feb 2021 Teaching About Climate & Energy with CLEAN
11 Feb 2021 Strategies for Integrating Climate Science Into the Elementary Classroom
10 Feb 2021 Preparing for extreme weather at your school
9 Feb 2021 Decolonizing: Placing Indigenous Peoples in the Conversation
9 Feb 2021 Over and Under the Snow: Virtual story ski and tour of Northeast Kingdom
9 Feb 2021 De-Colonizing Place-Based Education
4 Feb 2021 Who's Outside: Buidling the Anti-racist Bookshelf
3 Feb 2021 The Plastic Problem and What We Can Do About It
2 Feb 2021 Indigenous Land Acknowledgements: What? Why? and Now What?
1 Feb 2021 Introduction to CLEAN
27 Jan 2021 Vermont Afterschool Equity & Racism Series: The Power of Language: How Word Choice Can Reinforce or Challenge Bias
20 Jan 2021 Teach Climate Network: Dismantling Systemic Racism and Injustice
14 Jan 2021 Place-Based Teaching On A Budget
14 Jan 2021 Guidelines for Excellence Training
13 Jan 2021 Hunting and Land Stewardship in Vermont: Webinar & Discussion
13 Jan 2021 Small Marvels: Reflective Writing to Understand Place and Equity
13 Jan 2021 Addressing Climate Change in School and Community: Learning, Discussing, Doing
13 Jan 2021 School to Prison Nexus | Pipeline
13 Jan 2021 Project Learning Tree Places We Live Writing Workshop
12 Jan 2021 Diversifying the Educator Workforce in Vermont Webinar Series
6 Jan 2021 Understanding and Interrupting the Over-pathologization of BIPOC Students
5 Jan 2021 Future Focus Series: The Dangers of Performative Activism
17 Dec 2020 Teach Climate Network Workshop: Personal Connection and Storytelling
17 Dec 2020 Guidelines for Excellence Training
16 Dec 2020 Connect With The Network!
15 Dec 2020 Diversifying the Educator Workforce in Vermont Webinar Series
15 Dec 2020 Wildlife on the Move: Protecting Landscape Connections One Parcel at A Time
10 Dec 2020 Evaluation Collaborative Workshop- EE Evaluation in Your School or Organization Workshop
9 Dec 2020 Practitioner Guide to Assessing Connection to Nature
2 Dec 2020 Practical Approaches to Teaching Outside in Cold Weather
2 Dec 2020 Leadership Development in EE: A Community of Practice
2 Dec 2020 Vermont Afterschool Equity & Racism Series: Racial (micro)aggressions: Intent, Impact & How to Respond
1 Dec 2020 Future Focus Series: Using Education to Mobilize
19 Nov 2020 Teaching Outdoors In Winter
19 Nov 2020 Teach Climate Network Workshop: Scientific and Social Solutions
17 Nov 2020 Youth Have Power Speaker Series: Justice: Equity & the Climate Crisis
17 Nov 2020 Old Growth Forests: A Virtual Tour of Ancient Woodlands
10 Nov 2020 Ecology, Conservation, and Forest Management at the Andrews Community Forest
10 Nov 2020 Vermont Afterschool Boot Camp Basics: Basic Specialized Care
6 Nov 2020 Equity 2.0: Deeper Learning with Dr. Pedro Noguera
30 Oct 2020 Youth Environment Summit
28 Oct 2020 Implementing Culturally Responsive Teaching
28 Oct 2020 De-Colonizing Your Thanksgiving Curriculum
28 Oct 2020 Vermont Afterschool Equity & Racism Series: Equity Literacy: Identity, Bias, and Student Success
28 Oct 2020 Youth Climate Leadership Academy
27 Oct 2020 Future Focus Series: Becoming a Youth Activist
27 Oct 2020 Tech for Teachers: Tech tips, tricks & tools for classroom and outdoor educators!
27 Oct 2020 MEEA: Equity and Inclusion Conversation
23 Oct 2020 Disruptive Innovation with Darrell “Coach D” Andrews
22 Oct 2020 The Power and Potential of Stories: Rethink Outside
22 Oct 2020 Panel Discussion: The importance of storytelling for social change
21 Oct 2020 Teach Climate Network Workshop: Supporting Youth Action
20 Oct 2020 De-Colonizing Your Thanksgiving Curriculum
20 Oct 2020 Transforming Trauma: The School as a Healing Community in the Context of COVID-19
7 Oct 2020 Examining Bias and Interrupting Systemic Patterns of Educational Injustice to Support Anti-Racist School Communities
6 Oct 2020 Vermont Afterschool Boot Camp Basics: Professionalism/Building Your Individual Professional Development Plan
5 Oct 2020 Holistic Restorative Education - Free Webinar Series
2 Oct 2020 Zoom a Scientist: Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV's)
2 Oct 2020 Tips and Tools for Early Childhood Special Educators
1 Oct 2020 Vermont Afterschool Boot Camp Basics: Vital Connections for Social and Emotional Learning
1 Oct 2020 2020 VLT Annual Meeting The Ground We Share: Access, equity, and justice on the land
1 Oct 2020 Teachers Tell All: Success and Challenges of Teaching Outdoors
30 Sep 2020 Invasive Plants Series: Backyard Invasives
30 Sep 2020 Teach Climate Network Workshop: Science and Other Ways of Knowing
29 Sep 2020 Vermont Afterschool Boot Camp Basics: Building Relationships with Families
29 Sep 2020 Watershed Explorer Challenge - Teacher Training Opportunity
29 Sep 2020 Seismology: What it is and How I Got Into it
25 Sep 2020 Re-Envisioning Educational Systems as We Move Through and Beyond COVID-19
25 Sep 2020 Project Learning Tree Workshop
24 Sep 2020 Vermont Afterschool Boot Camp Basics: Active Learning and Incorporating Youth Voice
24 Sep 2020 Outdoor Education & Place-Based Learning in the Now
23 Sep 2020 Food Justice, Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals
22 Sep 2020 Fires! Smoke! Airplanes! Action! How We're Learning About Wildfires and Crop Burning Smoke.
22 Sep 2020 A New Guide to Help You Assess Connection to Nature
22 Sep 2020 Rebuilding the New: A Better World is Possible
22 Sep 2020 Vermont Afterschool Boot Camp Basics: Child Development K-5
16 Sep 2020 Invasive Plants Series: Intro to Invasive Plants
16 Sep 2020 Teaching and Learning Together Online in Challenging Times
15 Sep 2020 Taking Teaching Outdoors with Vermont Education & Environment Network
14 Sep 2020 Stormwater Education Methods Series: Floating Islands - Using Green Infrastructure to Enhance Water Quality
14 Sep 2020 Take It Outside: Investigating Ways to Blend Learning and Play
10 Sep 2020 Design Principles for Online Environmental Education Programs
10 Sep 2020 Getting to Know the NGSS for Maine's Environmental Educators
10 Sep 2020 Fall Wildflowers and Their Pollinators
3 Sep 2020 Rhythms & Routines: Establishing Classroom Community Outdoors
20 Aug 2020 Education and the Outdoors: Success Stories from the Field
17 Aug 2020 Stormwater Education Methods
10 Aug 2020 NGSX: Taking it Back to Your Classroom
9 Aug 2020 Local Action, Global Impact: The SDGs in My Neighborhood
4 Aug 2020 Aligning your Curriculum to Community Problem Solving: A VINS and National Geographic Teacher PD Workshop
3 Aug 2020 Audubon Vermont Camp in a Kit: Plants, Pollinators and Birds, Oh my!
27 Jul 2020 Taking Swift Action
27 Jul 2020 Audubon Vermont Camp in a Kit: Critter Construction
27 Jul 2020 Vermont Biodiversity Institute for Educators
20 Jul 2020 Audubon Vermont Camp in a Kit: Aquatic Adventures
12 Jul 2020 Wildlife Management for Educators and Outdoor Education Techniques Course
29 Jun 2020 STEM Summer Day Programs
21 May 2020 VT FEED Farm to School Online Workshop for K-6 Educators (and Friends!)
20 May 2020 Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department Facebook Live Wildlife Trivia
18 May 2020 Snack & Storytime with Audubon Vermont
17 May 2020 Virtual Pride Hikes: Planting Pride
16 May 2020 Turning School Inside Out- Movie premier: Afternoon Principal’s Panel Discussion
14 May 2020 PLACE Program: Place-based Landscape Analysis and Community Engagement
20 Apr 2020 The Vermont Spring Backyard Bioblitz
31 Mar 2020 Zoom a Scientist
24 Mar 2020 Connecting to Nature Book Club sponsored by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
29 Jan 2020 Lake Champlain Sea Grant Brown Bag Series: Visualization Tools to Communicate River Erosion Hazards
25 Jan 2020 Free Ice Fishing Day and Festival
25 Jan 2020 Bird Monitoring Walk
20 Nov 2019 Lake Champlain Sea Grant Brown Bag Series: Lake Champlain Food Web Model Research
12 Nov 2019 Woodland, Wetland Wildlife Book Signing
27 Sep 2019 Fall Gathering
27 Sep 2019 NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence Workshop
4 May 2019 SWEEP Collaborative Spring Gathering and Workshop

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