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Increasing Representation in the Natural World

  • 23 Apr 2022

This is a professional development opportunity for teachers. 

Engage with natural objects and outdoor environments near you through facilitated routines of observation and reflection. Use curated readings and research to highlight disproportionate access to nature, reflect on personal experiences, and plan for equitable learning opportunities in the science classroom.

1 P-credit (for an additional fee) and up to 15 CTLE hours from the New York City Department of Education are available for this course.

Note that this course will take place fully online in an asynchronous format.

During this online course, participants will unpack individual aspects of identity, and how those relate to a (dis)connection and exposure to nature. Through guided routines of observation and questioning, participants will engage with local natural settings and objects, whether it be outdoors, from a window, or virtually. Through curated readings and research that highlight inequitable access for Black, biracial, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) to nature and field science, participants reflect on their personal experiences with nature and consider how to plan for equitable learning opportunities in the science classroom. As a starting place to begin to address inequity and lack of representation of BIPOC in the sciences and environmental field, participants will take a scaffolded approach in amplifying underrepresented voices, highlighting grassroots groups and developing a plan for incorporating them in the classroom. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to engage in conversation about identity, anti-racism work and how that has influenced their relationship with nature. Participants will be asked to share their own ideas about the work they have been doing as well as the work they plan to do in the future to increase representation in the science field. This course seeks to develop participants’ ability to question their own assumptions about who benefits from access to nature, and to think critically about whose voices are represented in their classrooms.


Hosted by the New York Botanical Gardens.

Cost: $100

Course: April 23- May 14, 2022

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