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Amphibians of Vernal Pools – Biodiversity University

  • 16 Apr 2023
  • 17 Apr 2023
  • North Branch Nature Center - Montpelier, VT

This course is an introduction to vernal pools, with a particular focus on identification and natural history of the frogs and salamanders that breed in them. Vernal pools are uncommon, sensitive, and critical habitats relied on by a diverse suite of organisms from amphibians to invertebrates. This course combines field time with classroom presentation, covering topics including: identification of amphibians, their egg masses; their calls; ecology; amphibian life history; vernal pool stewardship, conservation, and threats; and survey techniques.

Since the amphibian breeding season at vernal pools starts early and advances quickly, this course convenes twice: first in mid-April to hopefully find and study early spring-breeding amphibians in the pools, then again in early May to survey egg masses and other activity.

Part of NBNC’s Biodiversity University series

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