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Soil Foodweb and Regenerative Ag for Gardeners

  • 13 Apr 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • online

Soil Foodweb and Regenerative Ag for Gardeners

Date: April 13 at 6:30PM
Host: Farm Craft Vermont
Intended Audience: Gardeners and Farmers
Cost: $15

Regenerative agriculture and the Soil Foodweb are a wide set of practices and philosophies about using natural systems to build productive and healthy farms and ecosystems. Topics covered will include:

  • The promise of Regenerative Ag: building soil, growing disease and pest resistant plants, hydrating land, growing nutrient dense food.
  • Increasing carbon cycling for soil health: building the soil sponge, dealing with compacted ground.
  • Plants and succession: the Soil Foodweb theory of where plants like to live and why.
  • Plants + Microbes = happiness: why and how to bring microbes back to the soil.

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