Highlighting Partner Organizations that are Doing Great Things

29 Jul 2020 8:00 PM | Anonymous

There is an urgent need to double down on our commitment to racial justice, especially in education. One way organizations can accomplish this is forming partnerships, in addition to being open to supporting and learning from one another. Here in Vermont we serve many of the same students and communities across the state through our work. Therefore it is key that we work together to learn about, support and amplify each other's work for the benefit of our students and our communities.

This blog highlights the partnership between the Vermont Education and Environment Network (VEEN) and Audubon Vermont. Debbie Archer, the Education Coordinator at Audubon Vermont, was featured in Seven Days as part of the Black Birders Week movement. The movement highlighted “the connection between racial justice and environmental progress and the importance of visibility, representation and hiring people of color in the fields of natural resources.” Below is a video production where Archer, reflects upon her experience as a Black woman who birds.

I asked Debbie about her experience working with the Vermont Education and Environment Network (VEEN) she said, “Audubon values the connection that VEEN facilitates with other outdoor education programs around the state. We make time for at least one person from our office to attend meetings or participate with the Board because a strong network of outdoor learning holds our own programs to a high standard and benefits everyone in the state.” 

VEEN works with many partner organizations throughout Vermont. If you are interested in learning more about available resources, or connecting with other educators, then consider joining our Vermont Education and Environment Network by visiting our website and clicking “join us” https://vteandenetwork.org

Author: Caroline Blake featuring partner organization Audubon Vermont

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